mindful movement + mindfulness

Slow flow mindful movement

Learn to move with a balance of relaxation and concentration; conscious movement, breath, and intention to centre and balance.

Learn simple, grounded, evidence based mindfulness techniques for clarity and well-being.

“Movement as a whole but the whole is always changing.” 

"Left the class feeling calm and energised." - kd

​"Great clear instruction for beginners not knowing what to expect. Gentle movement that anyone can do." - ss

mindful movement sessions

solos balance | solos intro | solos 3

groups | individual

​"Just finished my three week solos sessions and cannot recommend this enough. Loved it. Thank you Raewyn." - ka

Raewyn is a certified Mindful Movement instructor, Level 2 Shelton Qigong, currently studying YOQI Qigong Flow, and accredited Mindfulness facilitator based in Mapua, New Zealand. 

“I closed my eyes to look inward and found a universe waiting to be explored.” - Yung Pueblo


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