solos - mindful wellbeing

Integrating Mindful Movement + Mindfulness

Raewyn is a certified Mindful Movement instructor and accredited Mindfulness facilitator sharing simple, sustainable mindful exercises and practical everyday techniques for energy, resilience, and wellbeing.

With Mindful Movement you will learn to move with a balance of relaxation and concentration. Conscious movement, breath, and intention to centre and balance that can be done standing or seated. Additionally, learn how to use simple and grounded, evidence based mindfulness techniques to find clarity in a busy, fast-paced world. 

No experience necessary. Know you have all the knowledge and wisdom, everything you need, within.

Come along and see if these sessions feel right for you.

“We all have the capacity to be mindful; some people are naturally more mindful than others, and we all have times when we are more mindful than at other times. In other words, the ability to be mindful varies between people and within individuals. When you practice mindfulness you are strengthening your ability to pay attention. Research suggests that when we intentionally practise being mindful, we feel less stressed, anxious and depressed, and more balanced and in tune with what is happening inside and outside of our bodies. The resulting calm and clarity boosts wellbeing, broadens perspective and provides an important foundation for learning.” -


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