do I need any experience?

solos mindful movement introductory sessions are suitable for beginners. Once you have completed solos intro or solos 3 you may attend any solos balance practice class

how much does a session cost?

where are sessions held?

Mapua, Nelson/Tasman

how long is each session?

1 hour, unless stated. Once session has begun you will be unable to join the class so please arrive earlier than start time

what do I wear?

comfortable clothing

are there any other dates available?

yes, get a group of friends or work colleagues together and enjoy your private group or book 1:1

can I attend if I have a health issue?

please consult your doctor or healthcare professional to make sure mindful movement is right for you

can I attend if I am pregnant?

no, these mindful movement sessions are not suitable during pregnancy

“You will learn that it may take some time to see how all of the pieces come together, but learning how to breathe and embrace the grace that runs wild through the landscape of your life is what matters.” - Morgan Harper Nichols


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