Just finished my three week solos sessions and cannot recommend this enough. Loved it. Thank you Raewyn - ka

You've absolutely changed the way I eat chocolate now - ej

Raewyn is an awesome tutor, explaining moves and the reason for them in easy to understand ways. I have learnt so much at her mindful movement sessions, feeling so much better and in control of my life. I come away from sessions feeling in tune with myself and loving life. I highly recommend Raewyn and this practice for both body and soul - ss

Great clear instruction for beginners not knowing what to expect. Gentle movement that anyone can do. Great breathing instruction. So soothing - makes me smile. Left the class feeling calm and energised - kd

Raewyn you are an absolute treasure and I feel very blessed to have shared the magical classes with you and the group. Thank you Raewyn. Your love and compassion is gifted to us all and I felt so restored, enlightened, re-energised and uplifted after each session. I wish you all the best in your wellbeing career. You make a difference - mm

These sessions always leave me so relaxed and so invigorated at the same time. Love the energy, and Raewyn keeps it so natural and easy to follow. I couldn't recommend it more highly - mb

From the time you arrive it's like a retreat. Classes leave you feeling calm, relaxed, with clarity. The way you move so freely without force is beautiful. I truly can't wait to see what happens next with Raewyn and look forward to more classes - aw


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